Pocahontas hairdo


19 Jan

The Pocahontas hairdo will become the next best thing

Our dearest Kim has only recently returned from no man’s land and she already re-launched a trend: the Pocahontas hairdo. No real innovations since the reality star is a chameleon. And we’ve seen her trying out more haircuts than we could ever count the past years. But this one is a keeper, if we’re allowed to share our opinion. It gives her a way more classy look than the blonde phase she went through last year. And besides Kim, there are plenty of other fashionistas spotted on the streets with a sleek, long hairstyle.

We predict that this isn’t the last thing we’ve seen from the latest beauty vibe. Hairdressers, be prepared and dust off those extensions, you’ll need them!

Photo credits: Vogue, Pinterest, @kimkardashian

Pocahontas hair trend
Kim Kardashian Pocahontas hair
Pocahontas hair
Kim Kardashian Pocahontas hair
Pocahontas hairdo
Kim Kardashian Pocahontas hair

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