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19 Nov
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These 10 Series to Watch in November

Binge alert! We’re here to tell you that it’s completely legal to be glued to your television screen this November. Our carefully selected list of upcoming TV series is made to guide you through the overload of exciting new binge-watch material. And yes, we know you all were waiting for Lady D, but hold on there is much more to discover!

1. The White Lotus (season 2)

On the cusp of October, yet worthy of a mention is the arrival of the second season of The White Lotus. Just like the first season, the show follows the exploits of various employees and guests at an exclusive luxury resort over the span of one highly transformative week. The only difference is that this time we are invited to Italy’s most picturesque and sun-drenched island Sicily. The American series created by Mark White is now back with a new serving of drama.

‘The White Lotus’ is coming to HBO MAX on October 30. 

2. Young Royals (season 2)

Fans could hardly wait any longer, but the time has finally come: Netflix’s original Young Royals season 2 releases on November first. This Swedish teen drama knew how to win many hearts with its first season and is now ready to break them with its second. The story is about a forbidden romance between Wilhelm, the crown prince of Sweden, and his classmate Simon. Get your tissues ready because the trailer predicts a lot of pain. 

‘Young Royals’ is coming to Netflix on November 1.

3. Titans (season 4)

Titans the series is part of the DC Universe. As in its previous seasons, we will see the team of young superheroes fighting evil and other perils. Earlier this August, the British actor Joseph Morgan announced on his Twitter account that he will be joining the cast for the fourth season. According to him, it will be “Dark. Damaged. Emotional. Vulnerable. And vengeful. So very vengeful.”

‘Titans’ is coming on to HBO MAX on November 3.

4. Manifest (season 4)

“What happened to Flight 828?” is the key question the series Manifest is about. After a turbulent flight between Jamaica and New York City, 191 passengers and the plane crew find themselves back in New York, except it has been five and a half years since they took off. This mysterious and supernatural series is now returning after NBC canceled the series, only for Netflix to pick it up for a fourth and final season.

‘Manifest” season 4 part one is coming to Netflix on November 4.

5. The Crown (season 5)

In honor of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II (may she rest in peace) and her extraordinary life as the sovereign of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, the long-awaited return of The Crown is finally here. Be prepared for a new season that not only brings us to a new era but also deals with the unspoken dark truth about the royal family and how far they are willing to go to keep the reins of power. As for the fifth season, all eyes are on actress Elizabeth Debicki who delivers a glamorous performance in the role of Princess Diana, fighting her own battle against the monarchy. 

‘The Crown’ is coming to Netflix on November 9. 

6. Mammals

Looking for something a little off the radar? Then maybe Mammals might be for you. This English comedy-drama series is about Jamie, a Michelin-starred chef whose world implodes when he discovers some shocking secrets about his pregnant wife Amandine. This dark and twisted series contains only six episodes, but maybe the fact that James Corden is starring as one of the main characters is reason enough to give it a shot!

‘Mammals’ is coming to Amazon Prime Video on November 11.

7. Limitless with Chris Hemsworth

In the new series Limitless, none other than movie star Chris Hemsworth explores the limits of the human body. This National Geographic original is all about building a different lifestyle. Hemsworth serves as a test subject trying out ways to become stronger, healthier, and more resilient in both mind and body. Pro-argument: who says no to an in-shape Chris Hemsworth?

‘Limitless with Chris Hemsworth’ is coming to Disney + on November 16.

8. 1899

If you loved the German science fiction thriller Dark, you may have heard of the upcoming show 1899. With its impressive international cast, this series has a good chance of becoming one of this year’s best Netflix releases. The cast includes actress and singer Emily Beecham, who won the ‘Best Actress’ Award at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. The trailer looks pretty promising, but the real question is whether 1899 will live up to those high expectations.

‘1899’ is coming to Netflix on November 17.

9. Élite (season 6)

With Itzan Escamilla and Omar Ayuso leaving the show after five seasons, the last original characters are officially gone from the Spanish hit series Élite. Thankfully there is enough unresolved drama left for the show to launch its sixth season this month. After a cliffhanger ending last season, the students of Las Encinas are back to settle some unfinished business. What we can glean from the trailer is that the high level of lust we are used to in this season is exchanged for an extra dose of sadness and tragedy. On a positive note: some promising new names are joining the Élite family.

‘Élite’ is coming to Netflix on November 18.

10. Welcome to Chippendales

What is it like to be the founder of the world’s greatest male-stripping empire? You’ll find out in the new mini-TV series Welcome to Chippendales. American screenwriter Robert Siegel, known from The Founder, was inspired to make this series based on the true and scandalous story of entrepreneur Somen “Steve” Banerjee. 

‘Welcome to Chippendales’ is coming to Hulu on November 22.

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