We Threw a Party with Tommy Jeans in Antwerp and This Is What It Looked Like

Last week, we teamed up with Tommy Jeans to co-host its one year anniversary party in Antwerp. We invited some of the coolest people from Belgium and abroad to celebrate the event. New York-based singer Lolo Zouaï, who is also one of the brand’s faces, came by to give a private performance. Start scrolling to see what the Tommy jeans x Enfnts Terribles event looked like!

Maxim Meyer-Horn and Idalie Samad

Ian Thomas

Yannick Somers

Samuel Van der Meeren and Aldwin Camus

Farah El Bastani

Rani Bauwens and Aline Mourant

Jan Van Eldere

Louis Pisano

Lolo Zouaï

Tiany Kiriloff

Flo Windey

Joachim Badejoh

Cherine Mroue

Cyra Gwynth, Julia Dubois Rosca, Lolo Zouaï

Bryn, Lolo Zouaï and Gabriel Likinda

Elke Sockeel

Thomas F. Jacobs and Kristien Van Lent

Joachim Badejoh, Farah El Bastani, Flo Windey, Ian Thomas

Flo Windey, Joachim Badejoh, Ian Thomas

DJ Kestified

Milla Loud

Lander Marstboom

Chaïma and Parel Coone


Laura Augello and Amélie Outters

Ann Dubois Rosca and Julia Dubois Rosca


Paulien Eeckels and Mathieu Vercruysse

Sarah Gahiga

Cyra Gwynth and Julia Dubois Rosca

Hinda House

Declan Eytan and Louis Pisano

Robin Joris Dullers

Photos by Joel Diensi and Kelly Fober

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