8 Nov

Fresh of the Gram: 5 Beauty Accounts You’ll Want to Add to Your Feed

How do you like to keep on track with all the latest beauty news? The hottest launches, newest holy grail ingredients and of course: the tea. Whether you’re still a passionate magazine hoarder, you like to read blogs or keep up to date with Enfnts Terribles’ content, it never hurts to add an extra source to that pile. That’s why we gathered a few Instagram accounts you’d want to add to your feed to be on top of everything when it comes to all the latest beauty-related novelties.

1. For the science behind it all there’s @Chemist.confessions

They break down ingredient lists of all your favorite products and help you make sense of it all. If you’re interested in the science behind your beauty products, then you’ll definitely like this account’s approach.

Beauty News

2. The skincare sorority that is @re_issue

There are a lot of things you could bond over and skincare is one of those things. This account is a mixture of learning from each other’s skincare routine, while also getting daily facts about certain products and ingredients.

3. Into aesthetically pleasing visuals? @gelcream will satisfy you

This is one of those accounts you need to see for yourself to get it. It involves a hand model, in depth, honest reviews and just overall simple, yet beautiful shots.

4. The gathering for all the tea spillage happens at @esteelaundry

We all know Diet Prada. They’re here to call bullshit on the faulty happenings in the fashion industry. If you’re looking for a beauty equivalent, @esteelaundry is just that. They’re just as merciless and determined to give the people what they want: the truth (read: the tea).

5. Fulfill all your skincare dreams with @projectskin_

Unlike your bank account, you will absolutely love this one if you like to indulge in new beauty products. When in doubt about your next purchase, check out @projectskin_.

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