2 Apr

Two Icons, One Collection: Everything About KKW Beauty x Mario

Mario and Kim, Kim and Mario. In the make-up world these names are undeniably glued together. Mario Dedivanovic and Kim Kardashian have been working together for ten years now. And they are celebrating their anniversary the only way suited for a trendsetting beauty duo: with a KKW Beauty x Mario make-up collection.

If you’re clueless, let us help you. Mario D. has been Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist  ever since they met on a shoot years ago. It’s Mario who’s responsible for Kim’s iconic contoured/highlighted face, and together they’ve given birth to endless trends in the beauty world. The next big step now, is another baby. On April 5th, ten years after they first met, they are launching a make-up collection together. It’s basically a collab between KKW Beauty, Kim’s make-up brand, and Mario himself. But what does the collection include exactly?

Four products, endless iconic looks

The concept of the collab is clear. Mario and Kim really wanted to capture the essence of what Kim’s look is today, while paying homage to some of her most iconic looks from the past. The collection includes a lipstick, two glosses and an eyeshadow palette. The packaging is sleek, matte and grey, very fitting for Kim’s aesthetic. Matching your make-up to your Yeezy fit has never been so easy!

The eyeshadow palette features a lot of neutrals, of course, with a pop of color that has a story behind it. Kim is best known for her toned down, neutral looks, so the color scheme makes sense. For the lips, the goal  is definitely to get you that signature Kim nude lip. One gloss is more nude-peachy, the other more pinky. The lipstick named “Classic K.” is a caramel nude.

The true fun of this collection lies in the nostalgia. With shade names that refer to iconic moments, place names and more, this collab really is a cool way of looking back. Are the products groundbreaking? Are they revolutionary or never seen before? No. But that’s not the goal of this collection. Kim and Mario are honoring their decade of working together, and like it or not, they have undoubtedly made their mark on the beauty industry and on make-up trends over the past ten years. The collection will be available on April 5th 2018 on

Photo credits: KKW Beauty

KKW x Mario
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