Lisa Wynen

13 Feb 2020

Typology. Presents Woman: Vegan Skincare That Adjusts to Your Hormone Cycle

Life changes, just like your skin. If you’re reading this, you know what we’re talking about. Waking up with a head full of zits, just when your skin was perfectly glowing the day before. You can blame the hormone cycle and let it be, or you can prevent it by using Woman by Typology.

Typology. was launched in 2018 by the founder of, Ning Li. After the birth of his daughter, Anna, the 39-year-old entrepreneur with Chinese roots was interested in the ingredients of the products he used for her. Because he couldn’t understand any of the terms like “triclosan” and “fenositanol”, he wanted transparent products which are good for the planet and for his daughter. The skincare brand was born with the idea to give the consumer the right information just as a father needs to choose a product for his child.


After the first unisex series LAB, RAW and TEN, Typology. now presents Woman. This series is especially focused on the female hormone cycle. During the cycle the skin has their own changes going on during each different week, so it would be normal that we adjust our skincare routine, right? However, Typology. is a pioneer in this way of thinking since the French brand is the first one to hit the market with their revolutionary serums.


In a nutshell, this series is composed out of 4 different serums. Each with a specific purpose during the 4 weeks of the hormone cycle. The first week starts with the first day of your period.

It is clear that Typology. returns to the essence. All-natural products based on pure formulas with high quality ingredients. They aim at pure products that tackle one skin problem at the time at accessible prices and premium quality, without making false promises. Ning Li hopes to offer a sustainable alternative to the brands that are subject to mass consumption.

Typology. is available online.

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