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2 Oct
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Why You Should Watch the Lady Gaga Documentary

So we all watched the Lady Gaga documentary. Dries is a huge fan of her music, he can’t stop talking about how great she is. Jon simply likes her. And me, I will hardly listen to one of her songs on a voluntary basis. However… the fact that I’m not the biggest Gaga supporter (at all), doesn’t equal I can’t appreciate who she is as a person.

Dries knows I’m always into a good documentary. So after the first “suggestion” he sent me around 10 Whatsapp reminders asking whether I had already watched the Lady Gaga one. Honestly, at first I just pushed the play button to get rid of his questions. (When he thinks something is fantastic, he can be quite persistent.) If I didn’t like it, I could always fast forward and just tell him that I watched the entire damn thing (sorry Dries). But things turned out quite differently. For an hour and forty minutes I stayed focussed behind my laptop. Believe me, this is rare… Afterwards, I was even thinking about writing her a fan letter (by means of speaking).

Lady Gaga Documentary Five Foot Two

So why do I get to write this article? Because I was the only one that needed to be convinced to watch Five Foot Two. And why do you need to watch the documentary? Well… that’s entirely up to you but here are some arguments that might convince you.

She’s a liberated woman

Lady Gaga is Lady Gaga. She’s not the type of woman that needs anyone else to define who she is as a person. Yes, she likes to be in love and to be loved but never at her own detriment.

Being rich and famous isn’t all puppies and sunshine

Most people (secretly) dream of fame and wealth. Being admired by others and having enough cash to buy anything you want is like the ultimate goal in life. But we have no idea what the downside feels like. You’d have to give up privacy and a big part of your freedom. Also, together with the fans there are the haters. After watching Five Foot Two you might be tempted to polish your dreams and believe that simply ordinary isn’t that bad after all.

Lady Gaga Documentary Five Foot Two

There’s nothing wrong with showing your emotional side

Lady Gaga isn’t afraid to show her best and “worst” sides in Five Foot Two. Her emotions are even all over the documentary. I think it’s great that she’s fully being herself. However, I also believe that she could use a six-month-break to a deserted island or the mountains.

& last but not least: Mark Ronson

There are worst things than watching a hot & talented producer / DJ / musician /… working behind the scenes.

Photo credits: Netflix – Five Foot Two

Lady Gaga Documentary Five Foot Two

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