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25 Jun

We Listed Our 10 Favorite Songs Of The Week

Summer is around the corner and that usually marks the start of the festival season. While it’s still unclear which festivals can take place, some huge festivals already have been postponed to next year but that doesn’t mean that artists don’t release good music. To guide you through the immense load of new releases, we picked our ten favorites of the week and added them to our amazing Spotify playlist.

1. Tyler, The Creator — LUMBERJACK

Tyler, The Creator always knows how to play a role. After being the diva on IGOR, he now returned as a cheesy but tough soul star. Only a few days before the release of his brand new album Call Me if You Get Lost, the American hip-hop artist released two tasters. “WUSYANAME” sounded like a smaller piece of a big overall, but “LUMBERJACK” really stands on its own.

It’s a dark club beat that sets the tone on “LUMBERJACK”, but the track almost immediately breaks down in an intermezzo. In no time, Tyler puts us back on the tracks for a two-minute trip to his own world. The basses are very pervasive and in no time your eating out of the hands of The Creator. With fractions of soulish pianos and additional electronic effects, “LUMBERJACK” is a delicious first single off Tyler’s sixth studio album.

2. RIMON — feed me

The work that RIMON has been putting out together with her talented team lately has truly blown us away. Her monumental performance during the digital edition of Eurosonic once again confirmed what we already knew for some time: RIMON is THE star.

We haven’t gotten a lot of new music from RIMON in the past few months, but the singer has been cooking up some stuff. On her new single “feed me”, she is finally serving diner again and dares to play even more with the vocal production. You can twist and turn it all you want, this song doesn’t have any flaws and is just another testimonial of her talent.

3. Alioth — You’re Still Young

Alioth released his debut EP Delusia only a couple of weeks ago but already has some new songs up his sleeve. As he already mentioned in our recent interview, the Belgian-Morrocan singer wants to write more music and has been active in the studio.

“You’re Still Young” shows a brand new facet of Alioth and sees him explore a more sensitive side within his music. In the stripped-back, guitar-focused song we get to hear his amazing voice that still reminds us a lot of The Weeknd. Alioth has a bright future ahead if he continues to release songs that center his smooth voice like this.

4. Charli Adams — Seventeen Again (feat. Novo Amor)

Charli Adams is still young, but she’s already building strongly on her musical career. The American singer came out of the shadows as a songwriter for artists including Chloe Moriondo and Peach Pit, and will now release her debut EP this summer. Bullseye already revealed a few singles, but the latest is a special one. Together with Welsh multi-instrumentalist Novo Amor, she created the magical “Seventeen Again”.

Since Taylor Swift outed herself as a fan of Charli, it seems Charli herself loves to use Taylor’s music as an inspiration. “Seventeen Again” is guided by an acoustic guitar with the vulnerable voice of the American singer as glue. The chemistry between Charli and Novo Amor creates a certain form of idyllic magic so that the whole sounds very soothing. Think of artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus.

5. Larssen. — We Fought

Talent is a family thing for Sasja Maekelberg. We already know Jasper Maekelberg, aka Faces on TV, and now Larssen. is following the footsteps of his big brother. With his own project, the Belgian singer likes to set a dark and mysterious atmosphere. Larssen.’s fifth single is again one to dance to.

The song starts with dark beats but slowly flowers open into a danceable climax once Sasja starts singing. He likes to keep it dark, but the singer puts some light touches in the choruses. With winks to artists like Warhola and Jaguar Jaguar, Larssen. has everything to make it in the Belgian music scene. We just have to wait on the first big project.

6. Ayelle — Nights2Long

The Swedish-Iranian singer Ayelle is no stranger to Belgian pop fans since her appearance on Warhola’s debut album YOUNG LOVING but also makes great music on her own. In 2020, she released her mixtape NOMAD and another project is on its way.

To celebrate her birthday, Ayelle is reversing the roles and gifts her fans a brand-new song. The playful single “Nights2Long” builds a bridge between pop and R&B, which is exactly the kind of music we’re longing for leading up to the summer. “Nights2Long” is the summer bop we all deserved and finally got. Thanks Ayelle!

7. Flore — Aquarelle

There are a lot of hidden talents in Belgium, and Flore is definitely one of them. Since French pop music became more popular, you’ll hear more and more songs in that genre, but we’re sure the Brussels/London-based singer will make it to the top. Thanks to previous singles as “Storm” and “Poisson”, we know the worth of Flore, and with “Aquarelle” she highlights her talent yet again.

“Aquarelle” is a very special song for Flore, as she hesitated years to release it. The song talks about sexual abuse and violence and is, therefore, a very special one for the singer. Guided by violins and an emotional piano, she talks in French about the subjects. “Aquarelle” is very touching thanks to the production. The only thing we can say to Flore is: Thank you for releasing this one, you did great.

8. BAYLI and ILoveMakonnen — SICK!

The partnership between Brooklyn’s rap-hope BAYLI and ILoveMakonnen is not a coincidence. Both Black and queer, they want to shine a light on Black Music Month and Pride Month by joining forces on their very first collaboration.

With “SICK!”, both artists are paving the way for upcoming Black queer hip-hop acts and underlining how talented they are by reinforcing their signature styles in the song. “SICK!” is a triumph for BAYLI, ILoveMakonnen, and the whole Black queer community.

9. swim school — anyway

swim school is without any doubt one of the next big things the United Kingdom has to offer. The four Edinburgh-based artists make very impressive indie-rock, but most importantly, they talk about subjects like mental health and dark thoughts. swim school is standing on the brink of their big breakthrough, and after “anyway”, that could be really fast.

The song starts with a dark mix of guitars and the sweet voice of singer Alice Johnson. “anyway” slowly flowers into a euphoric chorus, wherein the band shows what they have to offer. A wonderful new single from swim school, which will most certainly stay on our playlist for the next few weeks.

10. Morly — Dance To You

Morly might be a new artist for many people but already worked with some of the biggest names in music. Together with Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver) and Phil Cook (of Megafaun), she had the musical project called Gayngs but since her departure in direction of the UK, her solo career became the focal point again.

The visual artist and musician loves to create a haunting music video and succeeds in her intent. In the gorgeously moody “Dance To You”, we hear a confident singer that can add such elegance to every song. Her debut album till i start speaking is going to be a masterpiece if all the songs are equally as good.

Co-written by Maxim Meyer-Horn
Picture Larssen. by Jordan De Deken

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