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15 Oct 2020
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We Watched Disney+ for One Month: Is It Worth Your Money?

On 15 September, the streaming service Disney+ was launched in eight more European countries, like Belgium and Sweden. The platform offers entertainment from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic, as well as some exclusive, original content. After binging for one month, here are my thoughts.

Relive childhood

This month, I believed in magic again. Rewatching some of my absolute favorite childhood movies like The Aristocats and Brother Bear was amazing. I hadn’t seen those toppers in ages, as we only used to have them on videotapes – anyone remembers those good, old days? Anyway, Disney+ makes it so easy to take a trip down memory lane and feel like a child again.

But there’s more, because for the first time, I got to watch sequels like The Incredibles 2 or Frozen 2. Although I haven’t found a sequel that can match up to the original, it was exciting to dive into a new story, set in a loved, familiar universe.

Soaking up culture

Additionally, I was able to soak up some culture by watching all-time classics that I had just missed out on. Admittedly, I had never seen The Little Mermaid, but now loved every second of it. I could go on and on about how beautiful all the little details were (think of those sea creatures making music with Sebastian, it’s just so pure!) but I guess everyone else already knows that.

But it’s not only just for children and grown-ups who like children’s movies. A few years ago, I did a marathon of Marvel movies, from Ant-Man to Avengers and everything in between. And now, with just one subscription I can continue my journey through the universe, isn’t that just marvelous?

Exclusive hidden gems

Besides the big, exclusive hypes – like The Mandalorian or High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,there’s also other exclusive content on the platform that’s worth your time. Take the historical docuseries The Imagineering Story. At some moments, the episodes got a bit technical and even boring, but overall, it was incredibly fascinating to learn about all the thoughts and effort that go into creating magic. Not only did I want to become part of Dinsey’s creators, but I learned so much about what it takes to create the Disney parks.

If you like it light and heart-warming, you could give Encore! a shot. In this exclusive, reality series, executive producer Kristen Bell reunites former high schoolers to do their school musical performance over one more time. Sounds like a strange idea to put adults on a high school stage again, but it works. Although you won’t see Kristen Bell as much as you’d want to (some episodes not at all!), it’s the perfect entertainment for a lazy Sunday. Some personal stories, shared in between practicing dance moves or songs, even made me tear up.

Worth it

As a bonus, there’s Zenimation. These animated soundscape episodes of just 5 minutes are perfect for a moment of mindfulness. Episode one, called Water, gives you a compilation of sea clips from Moana, Ariel, and Elsa, bringing you the chance to relax.

So, is paying € 69,99 a year for Disney+ good use for your money? It is, but only if you are a fan of the Disney franchise. Take for example my mom, who went looking for a good drama movie on Dinsey+: she was very disappointed and will just stick to Netflix. But to us, fans, it has a lot to offer: my watchlist is never-ending as there’s so much more to discover. From nature documentaries to Star Wars, Dumbo in live-action, or Hamilton. So, yes, definitely worth it!

Photo from Unsplash

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