Welcoming Sidestep: Charlotte De Greef, Gladys Ferro and Farah El Bastani Share Antwerp Hot Spots

Sidestep is opening its first store in Belgium. On July 16, the sneaker store will open its doors on Antwerp’s busiest shopping street: Meir. Since Sidestep is big on style and creativity, we asked six Antwerp-based creatives to share some of their hot spots with us, you know, just to make Sidestep feel welcome in A-town! We’ve already introduced three of our creatives and now it’s time to get to know the other three creatives and their favorite spots to shop, eat, and drink.

For the opening of the store, ENFNTS TERRIBLES created a campaign featuring six Antwerp-based creatives. The images and videos of the campaign will not only be featured throughout the store and in an exclusive print magazine, but also in more than 70 stores across The Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. So keep your eyes open because you might spot our work in your local Sidestep store!

Today, we’re introducing you to stylist Farah El Bastani, videographer Charlotte De Greef, and make-up artist/creative butterfly Gladys Ferro.

Farah is wearing ARKK Copenhagen Oserra

Farah El Bastani

Please tell us how you became a stylist!

I started as a fashion blogger, actually. Some photographer friends asked me to style some people for their shoots, and that’s how the ball started rolling. I quickly figured out that I like styling others more than myself. It was a side hustle at first, but after I styled Blanche for the Eurovision Song Contest about four years ago, I decided to pursue it full-time.

Do you like sneakers more off duty or in your actual work?

Both! I’m big on comfort. As a stylist, I’m on my feet most of the time, running around on sets, going from one place to another constantly. I’m not a fan of one brand or style, in particular, it all depends on the individual piece. I also like using sneakers in my styling. Most of the time, when I style someone, their existing identity will be my starting point. It’s not going to feel authentic when I put someone who never wears heels in a stiletto for a shoot, so sneakers are a go-to for that as well. It’s all about the mix.

What are your favorite places in Antwerp to shop?

I like going to Steenhouwersvest because so many Belgian brands are there, like Julia June and Toos Franken. For vintage, I like going to Riot. My favorite interior shop here is Paulette In’t Stad in the Sint-Jorispoort; I love their aesthetic.

What are your favorite restaurants and bars in Antwerp?

Everyone needs to try the food at Lewis in Antwerp’s south district. Other faves are Camino and Brutal. A great place during the summer is Onder Stroom near the river. It’s a music venue; there’s a bar, it’s an exhibition space, it’s a lot of different things. Fun times guaranteed!

Gladys is wearing adidas Forum Bold

Gladys Ferro

Tell us a little bit more about yourself!

I’m a makeup artist for lots of different clients and publications, but besides that, you can also find me throwing really fun parties with my best friend DJ Lady S called Homecoming. I’m notorious for turning my hobbies into hustles. So my ventures into photography, writing, and events have landed me everything from columns to PR gigs. As long as I’m passionate and excited about something, let’s get to work!

What does sneaker culture mean to you?

Sneaker culture, youth culture, and hip-hop culture, in general, are all strongly interwoven throughout my life and the people around me. I’m also really happy to see the sneaker game expanding more for women since it’s now so engraved in mainstream fashion. Not just in the let’s-make-this-shoe-in-pink way, but an actual expansion of footwear for women. Sneakers, to me, are an extension of my personal style. I like expressing myself mostly through my hair (courtesy of my friends at Costa Del Kapsalon), my nails, and my shoes. In terms of clothes, you’ll usually find me in something comfy or a piece one of my friends designed.

What are your favorite places to shop?

I love local fashion brands such as Arte Antwerp and Essentiel Antwerp. I also like to support my friends at DREAMCHSR and CFÉ: they regularly have pop-ups going on, so you can usually find me hanging out there.

What are your favorite restaurants and bars in Antwerp?

These days I’m dropping by the Glazed Dough pop-up a lot. It’s run by my OG sneakerhead friend Tarik. The place is packed with good food and good vibes. There’s always someone talking sneakers by the way. Schnitzel at the Paardenmarkt looks a bit kitsch from the outside but is very yummy. I once had an asparagus croquette there that changed my life. (laughs) It doesn’t sound very sexy, but I promise you, it’s amazing. For comfort food, I like to go to Sticky Fingers BBQ at the Grote Markt. Their secret sauce is legendary!

Charlotte is wearing New Balance 530

Charlotte De Greef

Tell us a little bit more about yourself and your work!

My parents work in the same field as I do now, they are creatives too. I tried to do something different at first but the force was just too strong. I’ve always loved film, so being a videographer was just inevitable. Currently, I’m still at school, but I just started freelancing on the side, and here I am, working with Sidestep!

What attracts you to a good sneaker?

Like most people, I guess, it’s just my daily go-to. I’m not a massive collector, but I wouldn’t mind listening to someone passionately talking about their sneaker collection and all the details about it. A good sneaker is just effortless.

What are your must-visit shops in Antwerp?

I haven’t lived in Antwerp for that long, so I’d love to get more tips from other people, actually! I like the vintage selection at ROsier 41 and Labels Inc. I’m mostly an online shopper, though, for clothes. Another great store where they have so many fun things, from food to random cutlery items, is Sun Wah, in the Chinese street near Central Station.

What are your favorite restaurants and bars in Antwerp?

I love going to Marché Couverts in the Lange Koepoortstraat; they also do catering and take-out. It’s traditional French cuisine, which is so tasty. My favorite bars are Vitrin and Bar Vert, but I’m currently on the prowl for a new discovery.

Besides shops and restaurants, where else can we find you?

I’m at Middelheimpark pretty much every week. It’s just such a nice place. It soothes me. 10/10 would recommend!

The ambassadors in this campaign don’t just look good, they will also each do something special during the first few opening weeks of the Sidestep store. On July the 16th and 17th, you’ll be able to get free cinnamon rolls by Have A Roll. On the 17th of July, you can shop on the tunes of a live DJ set by Kevin Kofii. If you’re into nail art, you should definitely consider passing by the Sidestep store on the 24th, because Gladys Ferro will be doing some sneaker-inspired nail art. On the 31st of July, stylist Farah El Bastani will be teaching everyone how to customize their sneakers with bling. And last but not least, on the 7th of August, Anton Fayle will take your personal sneaker headshot!

You can visit the brand new Sidestep store from July 16 on Meir 101. 

Interviews by Laurent James

Photography by Anton Fayle
Art/creative direction and production by ENFNTS TERRIBLES Studio and Dries Vriesacker
Lights by Matias Batallé
Makeup by Gladys Ferro
Production assistant Isa De Boeck
Set assistant Seppe Buys and Astrid Goossens

Agency: Oona Agency

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