What Westerners can learn from K-Beauty Korean Skincare


9 Jan 2020

What We Westerners Can Learn From K-Beauty

It’s no secret that we Westerners are a little behind when it comes to taking care of our skin. Most of us haven’t heard from parabens or mineral oils. We believe that make up will solve all of our problems and even before the sun’s out, we’re all pretending to be roast chickens. Most of the time we don’t even think about applying sunscreen. At the age of 30, some of us are surprised that we already look 40. It’s about time we dive into the wonderful world of K-Beauty to learn from their good habits.

Better Safe than Sorry

Compared to Westerners, Koreans start with skin care at a much younger age. Their idea of beauty is defined by a good looking, healthy skin while we tend to cover up our flaws without thinking about the cause.

Not taking good care of your skin by sleeping with make up on, drying out your skin, spending too much time in the sun (even with protection) may cause acne, wrinkles and other problems such as hyperpigmentation. In case you still want to look 30 when you’re 30, keeping your skin clean, hydrated and protected is essential.

What Westerners can learn from K-Beauty Korean Skincare

It’s all in the routine

While our skincare routine mostly contains a maximum of four steps, Koreans have more than ten. It may seem a little crazy but trust us, it takes less time than you imagine. Just spend 30 minutes less on your phone and use that time for me-time in the bathroom instead, its a win-win situation.

You must be wondering what exactly those steps are. Well… there’s cleansing, toner (an essential step we mostly skip), essence, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, cream, and sunscreen for daily use. Then several times a week exfoliating pads (for brighter skin, against acne, fine lines, etc.), sheet masks, eye patches, and lip masks come in.

What Westerners can learn from K-Beauty Korean Skincare

Ingredients are key

Luckily, we’re entering a stage in which we’ve vaguely heard from the words parabens and mineral oils. Many western brands are making a big effort to catch up, we definitely can’t complain about that. However, Koreans have been focussing on the ingredients they put in their skincare products much longer than we do. They are also very innovative when it comes to textures and packaging. A slimy vitamin E mask that melts in your hand, why not. And that vegan BB cream from Klairs with a mochi face on it works better than anything else we’ve tried.

Where can you purchase these products?

We’re planning on writing reviews of our favorite brands and products very soon. In case you can’t wait, you can purchase K-Beauty products via Littlewonderland.nl and we found out that & Other Stories also offers a selection in its shops.

What Westerners can learn from K-Beauty Korean Skincare
What Westerners can learn from K-Beauty Korean Skincare

Photo credits: Klairs, Huxley, Mizon

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