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13 Nov

10 New Songs Of This Week That Deserve Your Attention

Many artists used the lockdown to work on their craft, and it’s interesting to see what everyone has come up with. Like always, we’re selecting our favorite singles of the week to highlight tracks that deserve our attention. Close your eyes, open your ears, and take your time to discover some new tunes.

1. Billie Eilish — Therefore I Am

Billie Eilish doesn’t need an introduction because she’s without any doubt one of the biggest stars to come forward in recent years. The 18-year-old singer used the lockdown to rest and discover new musical routes with her brother and master brain FINNEAS.

On her new single “Therefore I Am”, Billie is using all the ingredients that made her successful. A distinctive vocal production takes the lead and gains strength thanks to the heavy bass and unexpected electronic sounds. It’s difficult to achieve the quality or power of her debut WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?, but Billie continues where she took off.

2. Jazmin Bean and Zheani — Monster Truck

They are only seventeen years old, but Jazmin Bean is already turning heads with their expressive make-up looks and overwhelming pop songs. Besides running their own make-up brand called Cult Candy Cosmetics, the London-based artist released an extraordinary EP in 2019 and worked on new music.

Together with Zheani, Jazmin Bean shared their new track “Monster Truck” and it’s a real trip, to say the least. The song is constructed around some industrial sounds from, for example, a chainsaw, but the catty verses and chorus are taking all the attention. Jazmin Bean is giving pop a new dimension, and we’re here for it.

3. Chibi Ichigo and Ness — Sussend

At the end of the summer, Chibi Ichigo released her new EP BLOEI and started a new chapter in her career. Instead of rapping in Russian, she switched to Dutch and wrote intenser lyrics that had a lasting impression on us. Chibi already teased her new single in our recent interview, so we’ve been looking forward to the release.

“Sussend” is a collaboration with the Dutch rapper Ness and is another great example of why Chibi Ichigo is one of the new leading ladies in the Belgian hip-hop scene. She sounds different and intense, which gives you the feeling that you’re getting a closer look at her soul.

4. Alfie Templeman — Shady

Alfie Templeman is, just like Jazmin Bean, only seventeen years old but everyone is already in love with the British indie R&B sensation. Templeman has already released four EPs and has gathered over 20 million streams with his songs. Since he’s a hot contender to become BBC’s Sound Of 2021, Templeman keeps releasing songs to hype us up for his upcoming debut album.

Like all his other songs, “Shady” is a real mood booster on rainy or cloudy days. The song has a very cool, uptempo bass-line and stays interesting due to the great percussion. Alfie Templeman is probably the guy to look out for next year because when he keeps dropping bangers like “Shady”, it’s just a matter of time before everyone discovers him.

5. Masego and Don Toliver — Mystery Lady

Masego plays saxophone, is a hilarious comedian, turns every party into a rave as a DJ, but is also an amazing singer and rapper. The Jamaican-American multi-talent is an absolute gem and has collaborated with a.o. SZA, Chance The Rapper, and Anderson. Paak in the past.

For his new EP Studying Abroad, Masego merged all his musical influences to show another perspective of his sound. “Mystery Lady” is an uptempo R&B song with a terrific vocal production that complements the string sample perfectly. We love this laidback collaborating with American rapper Don Toliver and appreciate Masego even more.

6. Foushée — single af

TikTok is the new way to stardom and has brought forward some amazing new singer. The American singer Foushée went viral on the addictive app with her song “Deep End” when rapper Sleepy Hallow sampled her voice. While he initially didn’t credit her, she fought back and got what she deserved: credits and recognition.

On single’s day, Foushée released her new single “single af”, which can be seen as a metaphor for self-love, self-care, and female empowerment. The smooth R&B track stole our heart right away and is another indication of where Foushée deserves to be… at the top. And just for your information: being single is absolutely okay!

7. Slayyyter — Throatzillaaa

Not too long ago, Slayyyter released her comeback single “Self Destruct”, and she isn’t done releasing music yet. Her brand new song “Throatzillaaa” is the best example of why we love Slayyyter. It’s very expressive and out there, but that works amazing for her.

Fans of Charli XCX, SHYGIRL, and Kim Petras will adore this new song of Slayyyter where she’s serving vocals, attitude, and extraterrestrial sounds. Every beat hits hard and emphasizes the explicit lyrics of this absolute banger. We’re warning you, turn the volume of your headphones slightly down because this one slaps hard!

8. Luke Gomm — I’m Thru

Without even having one song out, Luke Gomm probably already worked on a song on your playlist. The London-based artist wrote and produced songs for a.o. Connie Constance, Joy Crookes, and Coltran3, and was a sound engineer for Florence & The Machine and J Cole. However, the ambition to release his own music grew, and he unveiled his debut song today.

His first song “I’m Thru” is a real feel-good song with a great balance between funky vibes and a sophisticated song construction. It’s fresh, happy, and brings you in the right mood on a Friday evening. With his first EP coming in March, we’re curious about what he’ll offer us next.

9. NAYANA IZ — partner in crime

The London scene is flourishing like never before and has a new act that will make her way to the top soon. NAYANA IZ is originally from India but calls the British capital her hometown. The singer debuted in 2018 and got early support from all the important British media outlets.

So far, NAYANA showed many different facets of her musical interests, and her new song “partner in crime” is another great addition to her discography. With her undeniable smooth vocals, she embodies power and growth and knows how to win us over with her reviving sound.

10. daine — Angel Numbers

The Australian singer daine combines the best of different worlds, which results in a unique approach to music. If we had to label it, we’d probably call it a fusion between metal and electro-pop. The guitars work so damn well with the electronic elements she’s infusing in the instrumentals, and we’re slowly becoming addicted to her music.

Her previous single “Ascension” was sonically a bit of a heavier sound compared to “Angel Numbers”, but the emo ballad reaches our weak spot. There’s a hint of light in all the darkness that makes us see the bigger picture of daine a bit better. When worlds collide, there can be a big explosion or it can lead to something new, which is the case with daine’s music.

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