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11 Dec 2020

10 New Songs That Made It Into Our Playlist

It’s Friday, and that means a lot of new music to cheer you up. To make it easier to find the best new music, we collect our favorite releases every week and put them in our weekly-updated Spotify playlist. From rising superstars to Belgian talent, we’ve once again included it all this week.

1. daine — Bloody Knees

The Australian-Filipino singer daine appeared on our radar with her previous single “Ascension“, and our obsession with the 18-year-old artist grew ever since. Even pop royalty Charli XCX adores the upcoming dark-pop icon and predicts a bright future for this young sensation.

“Bloody Knees” was already a fan favorite before the official release of the single. A nitecore version of the song went viral on SoundCloud and fans were begging for an official release. The electropop gem is a musical experience where the listener gets submerged into the soundscape of the song. This lady is going to blow up, and she absolutely deserves it.

2. Tate McRae — r u ok

What were you doing when you were 17? Probably not taking over the world like Tate McRae does. After her big breakthrough single “you broke me first” got traction on TikTok, the Canadian singer blew up. She featured in a lot of ones to watch lists and is now fulfilling all our high expectations.

On her new single “r u ok” Tate McRae confirms all the comparisons with Billie Eilish. A happy guitar plays a big role in the song, while the spotlights easily shine on Tate herself. She made a dark love song, perfect for 2020. Catchy, playful, and very cool. Tate McRae is ready to dominate the charts again!

3. Chibi Ichigo X UM! — ONSCHULDIG

Belgian power duo Chibi Ichigo and Umi Defoort joined forces again. She is known for her Russian rap songs, he is the producer and beatmaker for Zwangere Guy. A lot of talent in one song and after their first collaboration “CHIBUMIVERSE”, we couldn’t wait for more!

“ONSCHULDIG” sounds really dark and has a lot of different influences. The hard beat stands out while Chibi tries to crawl under our skin. The single sounds very intriguing and is the perfect representation of the Chibumiverse, a universe we definitely want to live in.

4. Crystal Murray — GGGB feat. Dian (HOTEL ROOM DRAMA)

Crystal Murray was one of the latest artists we put on our radar and seems to tick off all the boxes to become one of the big stars of 2021. Earlier this year, we got her first EP I Was Wrong, which highlighted her remarkable soul voice and charming energy that makes you wonder who she is.

Her new single “GGGB (HOTEL ROOM DRAMA)” is a collaboration with Dian and sounds completely different than we expected. Deep basses are taking the lead and it sounds a little bit more dramatic compared to, for example, “Princess”. The accompanying video was created as a result of filming live sessions in hotel rooms and introduces us to a different side of Murray. Paris is the city of love, and Parisian Crystal Murray is an artist we love.

5. L’Impératrice — Anomalie bleue

Another French band we have to keep an eye on is L’Impératrice. 2020 had to be their big year, but then, ya know, miss Rona happened. However, the band didn’t throw in the towel. After a few fun singles, they still have their groove, because the new “Anomalie bleue” is one for everyone who dearly misses the dance floor

The new single emits fun, groove, and joie de vivre. A long intro ensures tension you don’t want to lose. After a few moments, we’re already sucked into an ’80s disco. The baseline is joined by some electronic influences, and the voice of singer Flore Benguigui is the icing on the cake of this catchy song!

6. Cherry Glazerr — Rabbit Hole

After a year, Cherry Glazerr is finally back with some new music. The LA-based garage rock band isn’t as rock anymore as they were in the first days, but the quality is still very high. They seem to hint at a new album, inspired by artists like Yeayi, Caribou, and Kaytranada, which sounds promising!

The new single “Rabbit Hole” is — as you might have expected — an electronic one. Singer Clementine Creevy sounds dreamier than ever before. Surrounded by a lot of futuristic but catchy and joyful synths, the new single is ready to be played in the clubs once they’re able to open again.

7. Otzeki — Max Wells-Demon

The Berlin-based duo Otzeki has been exploring different genres throughout their career en succeeds to capture the vibrating energy of their hometown. The electronic sounds are mixed with new wave influences and always result in breathtaking songs.

“Max Wells-Demon” is a fictional character, who is a city boy with a dual personality living for the weekends. The heavy hooks and loops emphasize the story of the song and are a great indication of all the magic Otzeki is preparing for 2021.

8. Pilar Victoria — Flustered Snowflakes

Pilar Victoria is by far the youngest artist of our selection this week and proves that she’s determined to become a global superstar. Even though she’s only 14, she’s already been picked up by Zane Low and Spotify who all praised her songwriting skills.

Her new single “Flustered Snowflakes” comes just in time for our favorite time of the year. The angelic Christmas song warms our hearts and makes us count down the days until it’s Christmas even more. The animated music video is at least as cute as the song itself and shows that Pilar Victoria is talented enough to breakthrough.

9. Soulwax — Empty Dancefloor

Does Soulwax still need an introduction? The project of the Dewaele brothers is known all over the world and not just for their label DEEWEE. After their stunning album  DEEWEE Sessions Vol.01 earlier this yearStephen and David are now back with an ode to the dancefloor.

After a year without live music, Soulwax dedicated this one to the empty dancefloor. “I can barely remember how it feels,” says a dark voice, accompanied by some recognizable beats and synths. It’s a shame we can’t use the dancefloor because this track was made for it!

10. LeBlanc — A12 ft. Fresh Boogie

The Belgian rap scene is at an all-time high. Acts like Roméo Elvis and Zwangere Guy made hip hop commercially successful and paved the way for new artists like LeBlanc and Fresh Boogie. Both guys are still in the early stages of their career but with their new song, it all could go pretty fast for them.

“A12” is a great representation of Brussels’ rap game. LeBlanc and Fresh Boogie alternate between French and Flemish while the beat is laid-back and groovy. The song is a perfect business card for both artists. Who knows where their journey will end …

Co-written by Maxim Meyer-Horn

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