25 Jul 2019

Ines Borgonjon from M.A.C Shares Tips on the 3 Key Festival Makeup Looks

Just like the last couple of years, M.A.C Cosmetics is teaming up with Tomorrowland. In honor of one of the biggest festivals on planet earth, they came up with three key makeup looks. There’s the Turquatic Treasure, Glow Getter and Sweet Stardust. We sat down with the lovely Ines Borgonjon, Senior Makeup artist for M.A.C, who shared with us her inspiration, a few makeup tips and hacks on festival beauty looks and how you can rock it and remove it afterward.

M.A.C Cosmetics worked with the leading names in fashion, art and pop culture. They worked together with Jeremy Scott, Rihanna, Giambattista Valli and more. So you definitely can’t deny M.A.C’s strong presence in the fashion industry. Their artists create the latest trends backstage during fashion week in Paris, Milan, New York, London and more cities around the world.

At the same time, the international beauty brand is also operating at festivals, where they create magical makeup looks for festivalgoers and artists. During both weekends of Tomorrowland, M.A.C will be present at DreamVille and backstage to recreate the beauty looks for performers and artists. We had the pleasure to chat with the talented Ines Borgonjon, Senior Makeup artist for M.A.C Cosmetics. Scroll down to read about her inspiration and makeup tips.

Hi Ines, describe the three DreamVille makeup looks you made together with the team.

The first look called Turquatic Treasure is a bohemian beauty look with a turquoise accent on the eyelid and white droplets above the eyebrows. The idea was to make it smokey but pretty, you know.

The second look is the Sweet Stardust. This is for the person who likes to keep it festive and subtle at the same time. A girly-girl who is sexy but sweet.  For this beauty look, we worked with pink sparkly highlights.

And then comes the third makeup look, dubbed the Glow Getter. This one is all about the glitter. It’s like you rolled in glitter on all the beautiful corners of your face that makes a woman beautiful. On the cheeks, eyes, shoulders and collar bones because that looks gorgeous.

How do you get inspired and how did you come up with the DreamVille makeup looks?

It’s hard to say because I get inspired by everything at any given place. Nonetheless, mostly I get inspired upwards when working. I think about the look and let it sink in. For example, I can get inspired by an old James Bond movie.

Throughout the year I browse through books for inspiration. I have a friend, who is an architect, with a beautiful book collection and a lot of times I go through them and whenever I stumble upon a photographer I didn’t know about, I take a picture of his piece of work for inspiration. That image can suddenly pop up in my mind again and help me create.

A lot of times I also get inspired by the person sitting in front of me. In the beginning, when we started creating the DreamVille looks, I had the Turquatic Treasure and the other looks in mind but they weren’t final at all. It was after I got to know the model in front of me a little bit better that the look started to fall in place. Besides that, I also know that glitter always works in fashion. I love glitter in fashion because of the edginess. Yet, glitters on a festival can look very cheesy. So when we created the DreamVille looks, it was important to apply glitter in the right way, to make it look luxurious and rich. That was my approach when I was creating the DreamVille makeup looks.

Ines Borgonjon from M.A.C Shares Tips on the 3 Key Festival Makeup Looks

Ines Borgonjon (Makeup Artist)

Ines Borgonjon from M.A.C Shares Tips on the 3 Key Festival Makeup Looks

Glow Getter

What is extremely important when applying a festival makeup look?

Firstly, it has to stay put. It has to be party proof and you got to make sure that it can survive all weather conditions whether it’s a heatwave or rain. Secondly, my golden tip is to look at your personality and start with your personal style and then add the extra edge you need and feel comfortable with. Let’s take the Glow Getter, for instance, it’s actually a good option for people who don’t dare as much because you can adjust the intensity of the glow so you’d feel more comfortable.

What is your favorite DreamVille makeup look by M.A.C? And why?

That’s a very difficult question for me as I cherish all the makeup looks we made, but I think it’s the Glow Getter.

Recently I did a photoshoot which was entirely inspired by the glow and it was all about glowing the little details. A neck or an ear. We worked with a glow and different oil textures, but not necessarily with glitter. And again, that’s another way of working with glow without losing its effect.

Our personal favorite is definitely the Glow Getter. However, we were wondering, is this beauty look made for a specific person, with a certain style or mindset?

That’s a very difficult question for me as I cherish all the makeup looks we made.

How easy is it to remove the makeup looks? Any beauty hacks you can give our readership?

TAPE! You take the medical tape from the pharmacy, cut it into pieces, dab it on your face to remove the glitters. Once all the glitter is from your face you can start using your own makeup remover. Be gentle because scrubbing the glitter off with makeup remover can irritate your skin.

Well, thanks for the chat Ines and we hope you have fun at Tomorrowland.

Well, thanks for the questions, I had a lot of fun really.

Ines Borgonjon from M.A.C Shares Tips on the 3 Key Festival Makeup Looks

Sweet Stardust

Ines Borgonjon from M.A.C Shares Tips on the 3 Key Festival Makeup Looks

Turquatic Treasure

Photo credits: M.A.C Cosmetics

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