Maxim Meyer-Horn

9 Apr 2020

Premiere: Sizzy Rocket Releases Sex-Positive Anthem ‘Smells Like Sex’

The American singer and songwriter Sizzy Rocket has a loud personality and we love her for that. The 27-year-old, Los Angeles-born artist has attracted attention by writing songs for artists like Noah Cyrus or Bea Miller, but also toured with Chloe Chaidez’ band Kitten through the US (also known for being in Charli XCX’s group Nasty Cherry). Today, we’re thrilled to premiere her new song “Smells Like Sex”, her unapologetic declaration that she likes to fuck.

Sizzy Rocket is a badass and loves to challenge herself by doing everything on her own. From starting an independent record label to designing her merchandise and booking her tours, she does it all herself. Sizzy simply is one of the biggest rock stars in the pop industry.

Smells Like Sex

Sizzy Rocket’s new single “Smells Like Sex” is a pop song like we haven’t heard it many times before. Sizzy is known for blending different genres and provocating, and that’s exactly what she’s doing with her second release of the year. Describing the writing process, she states: “I knew that I wanted to make a sex-positive anthem, something clever and sexy but still smart. Like, how do I talk about pussy in a fun, intelligent way?”

“Smells Like Sex” is exactly the kind of song we put on to get an energy boost. The vocals are somewhere between rap and pop, while the beat is bass-heavy and makes it a little more sinister. Sizzy’s energy is overwhelming and she’s clearly not holding back on this track.

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