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23 Apr

The 10 Best Musical Discoveries Of The Week

Are you desperately looking for brand-new songs to update your Spotify playlist? Don’t worry because we’re (once again) here for you. Every week, we pick the best songs of the week that surprised, moved, or electrified us. Instead of focusing on releases by established acts, we decided to highlight ten upcoming artists who all convinced us with their new music this week. Turn up the volume because we discovered some true gems this week.


NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS is the alias of the hottest new pop trio in town. The three girls have everything in store to become your new pop obsession and blend overwhelming beats with their unique pop approach. “Bad things” is far from being a bad thing and opens with an iconic rework of the The Powerpuff Girls introduction, which immediately highlights their creativity. These girls know how to make a banger, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they grace the lineup of Coachella in the near future.

2. Tohji — ULTRA RARE

The Japanese musician Tohji is steadily working on his breakthrough and recently added collaborations with the likes of Mura Masa, Namasenda, and yeule to his discography. His new digi-core anthem “ULTRA RARE” is produced by Mechatok, who previously worked with Charli XCX and Hannah Diamond, and is a true banger without being too overwhelming. It’s very well balanced and showcases his talent as a songwriter and performer.

3. Cassie Marin — Push Me

The Los Angeles-based pop princess Cassie Marin is far from unknown to us, and we’re always curious to hear new music from the talented songstress. Her new single “Push Me” has a very addictive electro-pop sound you won’t be able to resist once you’ve heard it. Every song of Cassie sounds like a fresh breath of air and just boosts our serotonin. “Push Me” is a bop for the summer and already earned a spot at the top of our playlist.

4. Haich Ber Na — Now We’re Strangers

When we talked to Haich Ber Na last winter, he teased that new music was on its way, and he didn’t lie. “Now We’re Strangers” is his first single of the year and brings all the things together that we praised in the past. There’s a slight psychedelic element that works brilliantly with the pop structure of the track. Haich Ber Na builds a bridge between commercial music and underground productions with incredible ease. Who wants to join our Haich Ber Na fan club?

5. Trophie and EDWARD(我) — Angel Wings

Sydney is the home of hyperpop’s rising star Trophie, who already convinced us with “Ellie” a couple of months ago. This time, she’s collaborating with the Kyoto-based rapper EDWARD() on “Angel Wings”, creating a sonic world that reminds us of a night trip through a desolate city. Besides some dark elements, there is a massive amount of bright moments that make this song shine even more. Trophie is flying high and is a true gift from heaven.


6. Wytiki — Starting Without U

Even though she’s been making music her whole life, it took Wytiki some time to start her solo project and step into the spotlight. The debuting singer worked with Daan Schepers (Eefje De Visser and Bazart) on her debut EP and shares a very impressive first single with the addictive “Starting Without U”. The repetitiveness of the synths contributes to a very groovy dynamic that builds up to an amazing climax that will take your heart by storm.

7. Mila V — S.N.C.L.

Ravers unite because Mila V has the power to become the new empress of the dance floor. Her new single “S.N.C.L. (Smile Now, Cry Later)” is a captivating acid house track where we get to hear her full potential as a musician. The Amsterdam-based artist brings a raw sexiness to the table by playing with extremely hypnotizing soundscapes. “S.N.C.L.” needs to be played at full blast to experience the song in its entirety, so get those speakers ready for an ear orgasm.

8. Sophiya and JessB — KWEEN ENERGY

Pride season is coming up, and we found the ideal track for all the badass bitches out there that are still looking for tracks to put on their playlist. Sophiya and JessB are serving bars on their hot collaboration “KWEEN ENERGY”, where they crown themselves the new queens of pride. Their raps are top-notch, and we simply cannot get enough of this insanely catchy tune. These two are ready to snatch their crown.

9. Anna Sofia — Cruel World

When we discovered Anna Sofia in February with “No. 5”, we already knew that she’d be an artist to keep an eye on. The Greek-Canadian songstress found the perfect follow-up to that track with the infectious “Cruel World”, which comes with a very cinematic music video. It’s a mystery to us why she isn’t a superstar yet because this song is an absolute banger. This would truly be a cruel world if “Cruel World” doesn’t become the success it deserves.

10. Daimy Lotus — Over You

If you wrote a song for a pop culture icon like Paris Hilton, you already have an absolute edge. The Dutch singer Daimy Lotus has exactly that on her CV and grabbed our attention with her own music as well. Her new single “Over You” is inspired by acts like Gayle and UPSAHL, which is a smart move considering the growing fan base for rock-inspired pop. “Over You” is a catchy track with a strong chorus, and we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do.

Photo credits Anna Sofia: Jean-François Sauvé
Photo credits NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS: Jared Ayotte

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