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3 Jun

The 10 Best Releases of the Week

Are you desperately looking for brand-new songs to update your Spotify playlist? Don’t worry because we’re (once again) here for you. Every week, we pick the best songs of the week that surprised, moved, or electrified us. So turn up the volume because we discovered some true gems this week.

1. BAYLI — think of drugs

New York’s BAYLI is very close to her big break. After recently touring with SHYGIRL, she can be heard on the title track of Mura Masa’s new album demon time in September. But before that happens, we get some solo work in the form of her new single “think of drugs”, in which she talks about her relationship with drugs and moves us with the lyrics. BAYLI tells her story, and we’re listening intently.

2. Eden Hunter — Twenty.

We’ve picked up on London’s Eden Hunter before and remain fans of her upbeat pop music. On the new “Twenty.” we now get to see her from a slightly more sentimental side, one where she reflects on the past and the future. As a young twenty-something, she sometimes feels like she’s tangled up with her feelings, but fortunately, musically she sounds more determined than ever.

3. Maggie Rogers — Want Want

It seems like yesterday, but it’s been more than six years since Maggie Rogers was caught up in a viral video of Pharrell Williams responding to her song “Alaska”. Time has not stood still and with the release of “Want Want” she announced her second album Surrender (release: 29 July). For her new song, she was inspired by the nineties and resolutely goes for a danceable chorus. We can only wait and see what the rest of her album will sound like.


4. Seinabo Sey — Blessed and Black Star

Once you get to know Seinabo Sey’s catchy, deep voice, you will not be able to get enough of her timbre. The Swedish singer finally returns with a new album in which she again opts for organic instruments combined with innovative productions. The diptych “Blessed” and “Black Star” complement each other perfectly despite bringing together two different atmospheres. On “Blessed” she is a bit more sensitive while on “Black Star” she was clearly inspired by hip-hop.


5. Dagny — Brightsider

Scandinavia remains in the world’s top spot when it comes to pop music, and Dagny has certainly made her contribution in recent years. With her comeback single “Brightsider”, she remains true to her familiar sound and easily brings butterflies to our stomachs. There is something euphoric about her music that only she can bring out. Dagny provides extra serotonin and makes us even more enthusiastic for her next project, Brightsider.

6. EDEN — Modern Warfare

The Irish singer, producer, label-head, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter EDEN has conquered the world with his innovative productions. He has already proven his talents on his previous albums and on the brand-new “Modern Warfare” he continues to experiment. His characteristic distorted vocal production combined with physical instruments remains an exciting combination that still sounds futuristic. EDEN is and remains the king of dystopian pop music.

7. Ola — Blue

At the beginning of the year, we introduced Ola in our ‘On Our Radar’ series, in which he promised us that there would be new music. After his promising debut EP My Favourite Mistakes, he continues where he left off last time, pouring see-saw sadness into a melancholic song in “Blue”. So let yourself be carried away in a moving song to a place where it’s okay to shed a tear.

8. Pitou — Big Tear

This summer could well be the summer in which Pitou has her big breakthrough. On July 2nd, she will be at Rock Werchter, where she will present us a few previews of her upcoming debut album. “Big Tear” is already one of the songs that will be on that project, and it immediately draws you into Pitou’s fairy-tale world. We hear wonderful symphonies and angelic vocals that make us forget everything around us for a moment. Wonderful.

9. Eugénie — Tears for Breakfast

Eugénie has already been discovered by fashion labels such as Chanel, Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent or major media outlets such as BBC Radio 1, and we too have been following the French pop star for a while. Her next EP should take her success to the next level, and she might just succeed in doing so if she continues on the same path as “Tears for Breakfast”. The song is inspired by UK Garage and gives her pop sound an extra dynamic. We’re not exaggerating when we say that this could become something big.

10. Lous and the Yakuza — Monsters

Lous and the Yakuza recently signed with Roc Nation (Jay Z’s label), will be supporting Alicia Keys, Coldplay, and Gorillaz this summer, and is playing at the most important festivals. In other words: things are going fast for the Belgian pride. In the autumn, the follow-up to her debut album Gore will be released, which will also contain “Monsters”. On the song, she goes for a slightly calmer atmosphere, showing that there are still several facets of her we don’t know yet.

Pictures of BAYLI by Quinn Blackburn

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