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2 Oct

The 10 Best Songs Of The Week

We’re going to spice up your playlist once again because our weekly selection of the 10 best songs of the week is fierce! A bright mix of famous and upcoming acts across different genres has made it into our sincerely loved Spotify playlist. (tap here if you don’t want to miss out on the good music)

1. Oscar & The Wolf — Livestream

The wait is almost over. Oscar & The Wolf has his third LP ready and already gifted us some great singles of the new era. On October 22nd, his new album The Shimmer will be ours, and there’s no doubt that the album is going to be anything less than a sonic masterpiece.

“Livestream” is the last preview we get before The Shimmer drops, and it’s picking up where “Oliver” or “James” left us. The warm melodies and psychedelic explosion of sounds after every chorus are *chef’s kisses*! Oscar & The Wolf secures his bag as the most interesting Belgian act. Oh, and before we forget it: keep your eyes open on ET because there might be something coming up …

2. Ashnikko — Panic Attacks in Paradise/Maggots

Usually, Ashnikko sings about slumber parties or the clitoris and knows how to provoke with her amazing songwriting. Her bloody hilarious project DEMIDEVIL has some of the biggest bops we’ve heard in a long time, but she’s ready to show a different side of her artistry.

The double single “Panic Attacks in Paradise” and “Maggots” couldn’t be more opposite. The first one is a super honest and personal ballad, which is something very new for Ashnikko. On the other side, “Maggots” is a hysterical hyper pop song that drives our adrenaline crazy. Opposites attract each other, right?

3. BEA — Let Me Down

In July, BEA introduced herself as an artist by releasing her first single “Blue Escape”, and her first steps didn’t go by unnoticed. Inspired by the creative freedom and self-discovery she found during lockdown by moving out of London, she makes the kind of British soul-pop that will win you over.

“Let Me Down” is an extremely elegant and sophisticated single that highlights her ability to give you goosebumps with her strong voice. Fans of Grace Carter or Celeste will adore this melancholic pop song thanks to its great build-up towards the last chorus.

4. shn shn — divine

We have a sweet spot for independent artists that use all their creativity to translate their deepest emotions into art. shn shn is a producer and singer of ambient electronic pop. She loves to challenge herself on many levels, which always results in a beautiful song.

It’s the first time shn shn uses spoken word in her production, but we hope it isn’t the last time. “divine” is a mesmerizing song about recognizing your inner divinity through reflection, solitude, self-love, and resilience. This is not just a song, it’s art.

5. Finn Askew — Tokyo

Don’t be surprised if you turn on the radio in a couple of months and a kid named Finn Askew is blasting through your speakers. The UK artist will release his debut EP in November and will head on a sold-out tour with rising star Mimi Webb, which is the perfect preparation for the bigger things ahead.

The title track of the EP is called “Tokyo” and tells the story of a high-maintenance, emotionally distant woman. His signature pop-rock is exactly what Gen Z is listening to right now, and “Tokyo” could follow in the footsteps of “Without You” of The Kid LAROI as a potential mega-hit.

6. Mahalia and AJ Tracey — Roadside

Have you fastened your seatbelt because Mahalia is taking us on a wild ride? As one of the UK’s loveliest singers, she sells out giant venues and finally made the big step to the main stages of the festivals. Her glow-up since her first album is unbelievable because who would have thought that she would release bop after bop years later.

Mahalia is in great company on “Roadside” because none other than AJ Tracey brings an extra dimension to the track with his cool verse. Even though the summer is almost over, this one brings the sun out even when it rains. “Roadside” is another strong offering of Mahalia, and we love the vibes she’s been serving lately.

7. Cassie Marin — Tanto

There’s no scientific prove, but let’s assume that artists that reinvent themselves regularly have more fun. The Los Angeles-based pop diamond Cassie Marin never repeats herself artistically and surprised us today with a whole new side of her music by honoring her Cuban-American heritage.

“Tanto” is Cassie’s first song in her first language Spanish and is probably her fiercest song to date. The production itself is super quirky and sensual with its incorporation of Latin elements. It feels very now but somehow also a bit futuristic.

8. eugene — le vent se lève

You’re maybe familiar with our series ‘On Our Radar’, where we introduce upcoming artists in a shoot. The Brussels-based singer eugene is one of the artists we already introduced this year and convinced us with his unique take on hip hop. His name has been circulating in the Brussels scene, and the rest of the world deserves to get to know this young artist.

On “le vent se lève”, we hear a very confident artist with a great talent for creating a nice vibe. eugene’s flow is driven by his emotions and goes straight to your heart. “le vent se lève” is dynamic and every second is as exciting as the next. His stardom will rise very soon if he continues to make such good songs.

9. EYJAA — The Wrecking Crew

Sisters always have more fun. Besides sharing the same blood, the Icelandic duo EYJAA shares an unstoppable passion for music. Their first single “Don’t Forget About Me” was released earlier this year and marked their first big move towards an international breakthrough.

“The Wrecking Crew” is a super catchy and easeful pop song that revolves around the acceptance and beauty of feeling sad. The track has a very uplifting spirit, even when there’s a cute fragility in the way they perform. “The Wrecking Crew” is an ode to feeling lonely and has the potential to become our anthem in difficult times.

10. Byfyn — Everything’s Not Lost

The super captivating pop artist BYFYN finally returned with new music and is ready to unleash the synth-pop beast that’s inside of her. Being part of the Rising Sun Collective helped her to develop artistically and personally, which inspired her to make the music she makes now.

“Everything’s Not Lost” was written last January when she felt pretty low and disconnected from everything and everyone. The song has a very punchy bassline and hits all the marks with the great transitions between the choruses and verses.

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