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19 Jun

The 10 Best Songs Of This Week

New week, new music Friday! Every week we select ten new songs that need to be put on repeat all weekend long. Some of these artists may already be saved in your playlists, but we’ve also found some new gems as well. We put them all together in a Spotify playlist, so all you have to do is follow us there, press play, and crank up the volume.

1. BANKS — The Devil

BANKS, the queen of underground pop R&B, has returned to her throne with the release of a brand new single. The American singer-songwriter already has three great albums under her belt, and the follow-up to the brilliant III is speculated to come out next fall.

With her mysterious soundscape, BANKS creates an interesting sonic world on “The Devil” that gets even darker thanks to whispers and the layered vocals. And like always, the more you listen to a BANKS song, the better it gets.

2. gone icon — 1BY1

Belgium’s underground music scene has been growing for years and started to get a name out of itself with genre-breaking acts. Brussels-based producer, singer, and DJ gone icon is the next force to reckon with and aims his arrows for a breakthrough this year.

On his fifth song “1BY1”, the multi-disciplinary artist offers cathartic melodies that can be compared to arca or Oklou. Instead of trying to reach one climax after the other, gone icon shows the beauty of simplicity with a very ethereal production. Curious for more of gone icon? He’s performing a set on Simulated Paradise’s free Arts & Music Livestream on June 27th.

3. Tove Styrke — Mood Swings

Time flies when you’re having fun. It’s already three years ago since we met Tove Styrke in Antwerp for an ENFNTS TERRIBLES exclusive editorial. The Swedish pop star turned heads with her debut album Sway in 2018 and toured with superstars like Lorde or Katy Perry, so the anticipation for new music huge.

“Mood Swings” is Tove’s comeback to the big stage and takes off exactly where she left. The expertly crafted pop production just screams perfection and settles in your mind for days. Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself humming the song.

4. Ryan Wright — Happy Birthday (Go Fuck Yourself)

Ryan Wright’s story starts in the suburbs of Northern Virginia, where she first climbed the stage with her father at the age of 11. By the time she was a teenager, the music microbe hadn’t left her body and even took over her whole life.

“Happy Birthday (Go Fuck Yourself)” isn’t just a well-constructed pop song but has great lyrics with a slight sense of dark humor. Once the first chorus drops, you can’t help but vibe with the hitting drum sections and sing along to this empowering and vulnerable track.

5. Diana Ross — Thank You

Whenever an artist manages to make music that survives different eras of music, you know that they’re a true legend. The 77-year-old soul singer Diana Ross has impacted the music industry with giant hits like “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” or “I’m Coming Out” and will release her first album in fifteen years in September.

The lead single and title track of her twenty-fifth album is called “Thank You” and was produced by genius producer Jack Antonoff. The song has an aura of pure-feel good feelings and shows that Diana still has it after all these years.

6. K.ZIA — Sanctuary

K.ZIA has seen and traveled the world as the child of two passionate and incredibly talented musicians. Her mother, who’s known as Zap Mama, has shaped world music like only a few artists did before and functioned as the ideal figurehead for K.ZIA herself.

“Sanctuary” is about a special place where you can disconnect, connect, and reconnect with a special person. On a very dreamy and peaceful instrumental, K.ZIA creates an atmosphere with her beautiful voice that lets your thoughts run free. We’re already very curious about her debut album Genesis, coming out in September.

7. Muki — Tears In The Rain

Australia’s hyperpop princess Muki already collaborated with Y2K goddess Slayyyter but also knows how to make amazing songs on her own. As teased in our interview, the down under’s pop phenomenon will take the ‘Mukiverse’ to a new level this summer by putting out the visual EP Car Crash Through Your Heart: Part 1.

Alongside the release of the whole EP, a new video for the lead single “Tears In The Rain” came out this week. The song itself is very playful and with a well-balanced amount of emotions, this song is definitely one to add to your playlist. Muki is made to be on top, so what are you waiting for?

8. Bklava — Only For Tonight

Even though Hot Girls Summer is right around the corner, Brighton-based singer Bklava made a new song that celebrates being single and owning yourself. Bklava has been storming all the ‘one’s to watch’ lists at the beginning of the year and confirms her status as a promising artist with “Only For Tonight”.

Infused with an eclectic mix of genres and sounds, “Only For Tonight” is the banger that makes our desire to dance with thousands even bigger. Until then, we’ll make a cocktail at home and just dance on our own.

9. Joya Mooi — Remember

The utterly stunning Dutch-South African Joya Mooi could be the next artist you absolutely fall in love with if you’re a fan of modern soul music. Praised by the biggest music outlets and with a growing fanbase, her international breakthrough is destined to happen very soon.

“Remember” is Joya’s reflection on how revolutionary thoughts from the past became part of our collective memory and are often referred to in pop culture. Besides her flawless lyricism, the toned-down soul melodies fronted by a piano and drums give the song even more character.

10. KTJ & Carly — Hidden

There’s no scientific proof that twins really have more fans, but if we can trust the identical twins KTJ & Carly, they really do! The sweet duo got a special place in our hearts since we had a zoom chat with them, so our excitement to hear new music was huge.

The third is always the charm, and that’s also the case with their third single release of the year. “Hidden” is probably the best song they’ve released so far and hit our sweet spot. Especially the chorus shows that they have grown a lot as producers and songwriters in the past months. Hard work always pays off, right?

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