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9 Apr

The 10 Greatest Songs Of the Week That You Should Listen to

Are you bored with playing your usual playlist on repeat? We’ve got your back! Every week, we’re sharing the most exciting new releases and introduce you to the hits of tomorrow. From the biggest superstars to debuting acts, we’re covering it all and putting it in a wonderful Spotify playlist.

1. Doja Cat ft. SZA — Kiss Me More

It’s remarkable to see how big Doja Cat has gotten as an artist since we last met her during our interview in March 2019. “Say So” became one of the biggest songs of last year, and her rise to superstardom was complete thanks to her very strong award show performances. As fans were already impatiently begging for DC3, and with “Kiss Me More” she pleases us with a first taste.

Doja partnered up with the utterly stunning SZA for the groovy “Kiss Me More” and leaves the rapping behind to further showcase her singing abilities. The result is a song that screams summer vibes and just needs to be played in a convertible with the song blasting through the stereo. Doja and SZA are a match made in heaven!

2. Years & Years — Starstruck

Years & Years was one of the biggest European pop groups in recent years, but they recently shared huge news. Lead singer Olly Alexander announced that Years & Years will continue as his solo project, with the former members still being involved in the project. Luckily, this change-up didn’t really have consequences looking at the sound.

“Starstruck” is a happy pop song that shows what makes Years & Years such an enjoyable act. The infectious chorus is making this an absolute bop that nobody can ignore and invites everyone to dance. See you on the dance floor (when Covid lets us)!

3. Promis3 — Future Funeral

Belgian cyber-pop duo Promis3 just brought out their newest single “Future Funeral” alongside a video game-like music video. The Netherlands-based artist Utaroh created this surreal audio-visual trip into Promis3’s abyss, where Andras and Brent whirl around with the devil and other evil souls.

Their unique rave-inspired hyper-pop sound has some retro and Europop influences that are being noticed by people like Jack Saunders from BBC Radio 1, “Future Funeral is fucking mad. I love that it was Europop, Underground Rave, Gothic, just great, really fucking good”. He’s not wrong, we are adding this to our post-covid-rave-cave-party playlist.

4. Slayyyter — Cowboys

In our gorgeous interview with Slayyyter, the pop goddess already teased the release of her debut album Troubled Paradise. With some more singles to see the light of day before the release of her highly-anticipated record. She kept her word and gifted us the raunchy “Cowboy”.

Don’t worry, “Cowboy” is not a regular country song but is absolute pop perfection with an undeniable strong chorus and provocative verses. Slayyyter is riding towards a legend status if she keeps putting out all these bangers. Hot, Hotter, Slayyyter!

5. Kitty — Heart On Crack

The Parisian-Welsh singer Kitty immediately conquered a place in our heart with her hyper-pop ballad “Heart On Crack”. Inspired by legendary acts like Lady Gaga, Kim Petras, and Charli XCX,  she’s the perfect recommendation for fans of good pop music with a little edge.

Blending French and English is always a good idea if you want to grab our attention. And Kitty carefully balances between being a sweet girl and a bloodthirsty pop diva on “Heart On Crack”, a song she wrote after a long-term relationship came to end.

6. Hong Kong Boyfriend — Sharlene

Hong Kong Boyfriend managed to transform his catchy R&B into something that sounds refreshing and new by adding influences from more alternative genres like folk. This young artist has everything in store to become a big one, especially because “Sharlene” is his greatest song to date.

There’s something lowkey about “Sharlene” that makes it so charming and convincing. The guitar provides the ultimate summer feeling we’re all longing for and works perfectly with his smooth vocals. Hong Kong Boyfriend is just seconds away from his big breakthrough … Just wait and see!

7. NanaKILL — Flaws

Brussels-based artist NanaKILL is back with her new single “Flaws” but there is nothing flawed about it! The song talks about the frustrations that come with love and opening up in a new relationship. This second single from her EP Fairy Dust Vol.2, scheduled for release later this year, serves catchy hooks and smooth, bouncy beats.

Those catchy-vibey songs are getting some well-deserved attention. Her last single “Freaks” put her on the map and brought her the opportunity to perform at the highly-anticipated Ancienne Belgique Concert Hall as a headliner during Black History Month’s virtual spectacle. Artist to watch, check. Artist to listen to right now, check, check!

8. LIBERTY — The Last Time

The Danish rockstar Mattias Kolstrup was the iconic singer of the innovative electro-rock band Dúné who split up in 2018 to focus on individual projects. Kolstrupis’ new project LIBERTY can best be described as a mash-up between Empire of the Sun meets Troye Sivan with an open-minded and constantly expanding pop universe. And today, April 9, he’s bringing out his new single, “The Last Time”, the lead single of his upcoming new album, Moon Child Set On The Sun.

The story of how he wrote his newest single is a remarkable one: he went all the way to the Kilimanjaro Mountain in Tanzania to forget about a relationship that went to shit. There he met a mysterious woman who called him a “moonchild set on the sun” and gave him the advice to try to be where he was, and so “The Last Time” was born. And I don’t know about you, but “The Last Time” makes us want to drive around in our car with the windows down, enjoying the summer days. In short: it deserves to be on your summer playlist.

9. Lizzy Small — Like It Should

LA local Lizzy Small is ready to become big! Lizzy is a singer-songwriter who likes to take her listeners into her head, where she delves into her own mental health, the uncertainty of the world, love, and the aspect of self-discovery that comes from being in your twenties.

Her first single “Like It Should” releases today, April 9, and it will make you wish the coming weekend would never end. These sensually smooth beats make you feel like you are floating between the clouds or laying on a tropical beach. While sipping on our cocktail from home, we are listening to Lizzy this weekend.

10. Cody Frost — HIGH/BYE

Cody Frost’s road to new music wasn’t an easy ride, but it was worth the wait. The singer, who participated in The Voice UK, stands out because of her voice that you can recognize out of billions of sounds and finally found the sound that helps her express her feelings.

After her mind-blowing debut single “verbal warning”, our expectations for the follow-up were high. Fortunately, “HIGH/BYE” is the ideal second lead-in for everything that’s about to happen for Cody. Her unique mix of rock, punk, and pop just makes us smile, even when the themes of her songs are on the heavy side. Let’s hope that everyone finally discovers this massive talent.

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